RUBE + Corona SDK

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RUBE + Corona SDK

Post by Czepta »

Hey I'm really keen on buying a copy of RUBE but am currently developing with Corona SDK. Would it be possible to get a basic sample project for Corona? I've been looking for something to use as a level editor for ages and this looks like it will fit the bill. Thanks!

P.S from your videos you sound like you're from nz? If so, cool to see such a great program developed here!
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Re: RUBE + Corona SDK

Post by iforce2d »

I spent a few hours looking at Corona but it looks a bit difficult to implement a full loader at the current time. To be specific, it does not seem possible to:
- update the Box2D version at will
- create bodies without a display object
- create bodies with no fixtures
- create edge or chain fixtures

The coordinates used to position joint anchors use world coordinates which is not a show-stopper, but makes things a bit awkward since the one of the bodies will need to be temporarily moved into place before creating the joint, and then moved back before starting the simulation.

A partial loader within the restrictions above could be written, but to be honest the chances of me making it myself are pretty slim. My time is likely to be spent on features for the editor itself, and open-source SDKs with better possibilities for customization. I also have no experience in Lua, so it might be quicker done by someone who does have experience :)

Sometime in the future perhaps those issues will no longer be a problem, and there will be a clear path to making a loader that can reproduce any scene that RUBE can create, then I would be interested in writing one.

Yes, I'm from NZ ;)
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