Full screen, dockbars and hot keys

What would you like to see in future versions of the editor?
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Full screen, dockbars and hot keys

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Hi and thank you for making this program. I very much appreciate the amount of work that went into this. I'm new to this program and look forward to using it with Cocos2d-x. I finished watching the tutorial videos and just purchased this.

I hesitate to request any features as mine are more related to general usability, but I haven't noticed any of these requests in the forums or in the voting. Most of these requests don't get into the core functionality, but I really value my screen real estate. I'm currently using Windows 10.

My wish list:

1) FULL SCREEN hotkey or menu option would be nice.

2) For stacked dockbars, pressing an existing hotkey should bring it to the top if it's buried under other dockbar tabs. Pressing a hotkey currently just makes it appear/disappear, even if buried.

3) For dockbars separated from the main window, the ability to stack them.

4) Customizable hotkey / shortcut keys in one central location; assignable to any command or action (since I'm making a wish list anyways..)

Also, thanks for adding the "auto-trace" feature. In your early videos you mentioned that feature might be added and I was wondering to myself "how am I going to import image shapes from the PhysicsEditor program?"

Thanks again.
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