QPlugin support (or ui extendability)

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QPlugin support (or ui extendability)

Post by bjconlan » Thu Jun 04, 2015 12:13 am

Support for Qt's low level plugin system.

Although the angelscript support makes this argument almost moot (as I've found 95% of the functionality that I need (sans ui support) is provided already in regards to accessing the box2d hierarchy, reading, writing etc.) I was wondering if there was any plans on providing an plugin framework which could do some more powerful tasks such as a custom renderers or other non trivial tasks that require ui extendibility. (other thoughts are things like a ui timeline etc)

I realize that perhaps this will remove the beauty & simplicity of rube, but could be useful for development teams which provides some custom functionality that they wish to provide to internal designers etc.

But again, the value proposition perhaps isn't there just yet. Not to mention all this can be supported by other specialized tools thanks to rubes spectacular support for importing & exporting...

I think I've come full circle... I guess what I'm saying is that I would like it (allowing some ui level plugin support). Acting on it is perhaps a question left for time.

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Re: QPlugin support (or ui extendability)

Post by iforce2d » Fri Jun 05, 2015 4:47 am

For that level of extra functionality, it sounds like something that might be worth having an external tool for. If you want to have the tool making changes to the scene that will be returned to RUBE though, you'll have to deal with the .rube format instead of the .json (exported) format. I have not published the .rube format anywhere since it is not really intended for programs other than RUBE to use, and it is subject to change in future, while the .json format is intended for consumption by end-user applications and will be kept backwards-compatible.

fwiw most situations so far where I want extra rendering, I implement it in my game itself - it might not be something that ends up in the final game, but editing+saving+reloading a scene only takes a few seconds. Once I get to this point I often don't really need the player view in RUBE anymore.

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