Polygon Vertex List

What would you like to see in future versions of the editor?
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Re: Polygon Vertex List

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Ah yet again I've failed on scaling and rotation. Actually double fail cos I forgot about the rotate/scale around cursor aspect as well. Gotta stop writing posts at 3 in the morning. :)
So yes that mode 2 would be just for translation then.

I take your point on the start/end brush thing but the Photoshop analogy was more to highlight the two differences of mode 2 vs mode 1, being that the selected tool stays in use till a different one is chosen, and operations are just a single click/drag.
I think we're basically on the same page now anyway.

Your idea on the double T mode sounds good, so long as it doesn't negatively impact users who like the system the way it is I guess. I wouldn't want to take responsibility for that. :) Worse case you could just assign it another key.
I'll let you deal with the implementation details though as my attempts haven't been too well thought out. :)

Thanks for considering these ideas.
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