Level entities/object design suggestions

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Level entities/object design suggestions

Post by msm1982 » Sat Sep 14, 2013 2:49 am


I am curious as to how others are implementing their game levels/scene objects/entities in RUBE.

For example, if I create various bodies that represent enemies in my game. I am taking the component based approach inspired by http://cowboyprogramming.com/2007/01/05 ... -heirachy/

Obviously, RUBE's custom properties allows the hooks you need into custom game logic, so I have various ways I could define which components should be loaded into which enemies (e.g a "Health" component initialized with 3 hit points), but I am interested in how others are designing their level entities/objects in RUBE.

Another subject is the AI or movement patterns for the enemies. Is anyone defining a movement pattern within RUBE itself? I'd like to implement movement patterns as a Strategy Pattern or a MovementPattern component, and I was kicking around ideas as to how I could visually edit that within RUBE for a respective enemy body (for example, move as far left as "this point", turn around and move right to "this point", etc)

Thanks for any suggestions

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